Save Your Damaged Hair

emily-ann-cain-professional-stylist-colorist Newport Beach professional in hair color and styling often encounters hair that is damaged NOT beyond repair. The “BlondeMe” treatment recently released by Schwarzkopf this past fall, continues to impress time and again. Especially working with blonde hair color in Newport Beach.

This product was made to recreate the cuticle layer that is compromised after a high lighting procedure. For example, take a brunette and that’s been highlighted numerous times and colored/toned over the same highlights, the cuticle layer of the highlighted hair has been drastically compromised. Now, keep in mind the shower curtain analogy, coloring hair with a compromised cuticle layer is like taking a shower with a shower curtain riddled with holes. The healthy your cuticle layer, the more evenly you hair will absorb color and not absorb dirt, sweat, pollution,. (Read my earlier blogs to understand porosity)

Emily Cain
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