Newport Beach Hair Color Blog: A Blonde Discussion- Cool, Warm, Authentic Part 1

For all “natural blondes” out there this post is for you and brunettes who are 75%-80% gray. Most natural blondes by the time they are 16 are not as blonde as they would prefer. So begins the professional color highlighting life of said individual. Two years of receiving color services is more than an ample mount of time for a blonde to be OVERLY highlighted. Now here’s the interesting part of this type of individual. Instead of accepting that their natural hair color has changed, they proceed to fight to get their hair to look like “16 year old I just had my hair professionally highlighted for the first time” hair. They say, I want my hair “brighter,” “natural looking,” “more blonde,” etc. After two years of highlighting, typically this type of individual CANNOT become more blonde, because they are already TOO blonde and frankly CLEAR is not a color. CLEAR hair color is actually a cut and it’s known as TheBaldHead…

Emily Cain
Newport Beach Hair Color


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