Newport Beach Hair Color Blog: A Blonde Discussion- Cool, Warm, Authentic Part III

Now that we’ve covered the obvious of over processed blondes, lets venture into the eye and mind of a hair colorist. Colorists much like painters, interior decorators, architects, clothing designers, live in the world of light not in the world of color. Misel Aponte, a renowned master colorist out of Scottsdale, AZ taught me this. Your hair absorbs and reflects light. Therefore, whatever color of light your hair is reflecting is your hair color. Why is this important for blondes? I’ll tell you why. If your blonde hair is overly processed and no longer contains essential natural hair pigment, pheomelanin or eumelanin, it is extremely difficult, if not down right impossible, to achieve healthy “blonde hair.” You need your own hair color paired with artificial color pigments to avoid offensive blonde hair. Yes offensive

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