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Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist shares styling techniques for men with curly, wavy, or kinky hair.

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How much of an explanation do you need on this one? A head of curly hair is full of bouncy curls and usually gives thick coverage. When you grow out curly hair, it forms the classic ‘white boy ‘fro.’  Although not ubiquitous, this type is common among men of Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Jewish descent.

Mistakes guys make (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

To relax the curls, many guys overuse gels, pomades and heavy creams. Slathering on “product” can not only damage hair, but it also gives it a shell-like, unnatural appearance.

Other curly-haired guys go the opposite route and let their curly locks go wild. Yes, it looks cool if you’re in a band or in college, but just imagine working the white boy ‘fro at a job interview or on a first date. It ain’t happenin’.

Styling strategies (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

Cut your hair short all around and leave it unlayered (with the exception of around the ears). Use a small amount of mousse, comb it back and let it air dry. Or, instead of combing back, you can try a slight part on the side.

Of course, if all that seems like too much work, you can do what curly-haired men have done for years: Buzz it off or clip it very short and spike it up. ”

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