Newport Beach Hair Stylist – Hair Color & Hair Cut, Are They Complementary?


Newport Beach hair stylist is passionate about her clients understanding if their hair color is not only right for their face shape but complementing their hair cut.

“Hair stylists know that the perfect haircut must take into consideration the shape of the client’s face. This is one of the reasons why customers who want a hair cut and style like their favorite celebrity are often disappointed with the results. A style and cut made for a square face may not complement a triangular face. But did you know the same face shape principal goes for hair color placement? Learn the ideal color placements for different face shapes so you can put your best face and hair forward.

The Triangle Shaped or Pear Shaped Face (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

People with this face shape have a tapered or narrow forehead with a strong, broad jawline. A true triangle shaped face has a square jawline. If your jawline is rounded then your face is more pear-shaped.

  • Color Tips: Since the forehead is narrow, this is the ideal area to lighten or highlight the hair. Go darker as you reach the ears on down to soften the jawline.
  • Celebrity Triangle Faces: Minnie Driver, Kathy Ireland and Queen Latifah”

-Repost, ShanTe Pierce, “How Color Placement Can Help Your Best Face Forward”

Emily Cain

Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Colorist Expert


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