Newport Beach Hair Stylist – 2013 Prom Trends Par Deux

Newport Beach Hair Stylist Emily Cain

Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist,  shares information on Prom 2013 hair trends…

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“Prom Hair Trend No. 1: The Mussy Updo Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

Messy is trendy. These prom and homecoming hairstyles are incredibly stylish, yet aren’t shellacked in place.

Hair type: Mussy updos work best with a bit of wave or curl in them. If you have super straight hair, you’ll need the help of a curling iron or hot rollers before attempting the updo. You also need hair that’s at least to the shoulders or longer. While you can do these yourself, I recommend the help of a pro or at least a friend.  [Newport Beach Hair Stylist]

Personality: Mussy updos work with all personalities.

Dress type: Works great with strapless dresses because they show off the neckline. Great for dresses with straps, too. Avoid this look if you have an ornate dress, if you have a lot going on below the neck, you want something simple and sleek above the neck.

There are dozens of versions of the mussy updo. I suggest looking through these 5 galleries and selecting a few you like before your prom hair consultation.


Trend No. 2: Half-up/Half-down Prom Hair (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

Guys love to see your hair, that’s no secret, but wearing your hair down can be too boring for prom. These half-up/half-down looks are particularly sexy because they feature both your skin and your hair.

Hair type: This style works on all hair lengths and textures, except hair that’s shorter than the chin. To keep this look from being boring, you might add curl, waves or extensions to your hair. [Newport Beach Hair Stylist]

Personality: This is a classic prom trend, so it works best on girls who prefer traditional, classic looks. But you can funk this style up with a beehive pouf.

Dress type: These styles work well with strapless dresses. [Newport Beach Hair Stylist]”

-Repost, “The 10 Hottest Prom and Homecoming Trends” Julyne Derrick

Emily Cain

Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist



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