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Newport Beach Hair Stylist and professional hair colorist expert. Emily specializes in Color correction, men and womens haircuts.

Newport Beach hair stylist and color specialist know and understands sometimes people just want a change for the sake of change.  If you are thinking about red hair color, try auburn first!   Read on for more information…

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“Dark Red Auburn Hair Color (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

This color works really well with women who are fair, but have peachy undertones. If you are going out for the evening think about applying dark black eyeliner and creating that smudgy effect(not a smoky eye). The black eyeliner and the red hair will dramatize your look. The contrast is stunning and you could wear skinny jeans and a sexy blouse and look smoking hot.

1. Slowly take the red plunge: (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

If you’ve never gone red before, it is important to dye it slowly because it can be shocking. Alyssa recommends going strawberry blonde if you’re a natural blonde or add an auburn tone if a natural brunette. Also, like we all know, red hair is all about the personality, so you have to make sure you can pull it off- but, beware: it may unleash a fun life!

2. Always use semi permanent hair color: (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

Semi permanent hair color has less chemicals and therefore, isn’t as harmful on your red locks.

3. Wash your hair less: (Newport Beach Hair Stylist)

Red is the one color that washes out the fastest. We recommend washing your hair every two days.”

-Repost, Red Hair Color Styles and Style Tips

Emily Cain

Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Expert


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