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Brown Hair Color for Your Skintone
Pick the perfect shade of brown—from light to golden to red—for your skintone with the latest science and color theory.
Best Hair Color for Your Skintone


From ‘bronde’ to mahogony to deep chocolate, brown hair is anything but boring.  Being on the dark side is not only trendy, it’s downright sexy. All it takes is a little know-how on perfecting your shade. That starts with matching your brown hue with your skintone.

‘Under dark-medium brown hair is a really strong red tone,’ said Kelly Van Gogh, hair colorist.  ‘Some of the best brunette shades include beautiful rich auburn, warm red and pretty caramel highlights.’  So why fight Mother Nature?

The lightness or darkness of hair color is graded on a scale of one to 10, with one being a jet-black and 10 being a platinum blonde. Most brunettes fall in the two to five range, allowing them to go lighter or darker.  If you go two levels lighter, you’re going to get a really rich, warm brown. ‘Beyond that, trying to go blonde or golden does not look good. Plus, you’re going to ruin your hair.’

Because brunettes have very strong underlying red pigments, adding a dye will lift the top color of the hair and bring out these reddish tones. According to Mark Garrison, owner and celebrity stylist at Mark Garrison Salon in New York, some women shy away from this hue.  ‘I don’t want to see any red’ is many a client’s mantra,’ he says.  Instead, they request more caramel or honey tones.”

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