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“The hairstyles and haircuts we wear evolve with each passing year, just as the clothes we wear evolve. Following 2013′s fashion trends, it’s no big surprise that the most popular hair trends are the ones that are the most effortless: busy lifestyles and a desire for versatility puts complex hairstyles on the backburner, while classics with a twist prove the most popular weapons in our 2013 hairstyle arsenal.

That said, there’s no reason your 2013 haircut or 2013 hair color can’t be bold or make a statement. The question, then, is what kind of statement you want to make???

Here are thekey 2013 hairstyles and 2013 hair trends that are shaping the year.

Thinking of getting a new haircut for 2013? Mid-length hair will always be an option, but if you want to go for something bolder perhaps a short hair cut – or a very long one – will take your fancy. As far as short haircuts in 2013 go, the bob is the winner over anything cropped, while for those managing to grow it long hair is still as desirable as ever.

When the time is right and you need a change, there’s nothing quite as liberating as chopping off your hair into a bob. This process of renewal leaves you feeling fresh – courtesy both the change in style and the dead ends left lying on the salon floor. In 2013 the bob again surfaces as a trend – both with a fringe / bangs and without. So if you’re after a new hairstyle for 2013 and beyond, and want to brave the bob, this may just be the time.”

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