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Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist shares information about Newport Beach Summer Hair

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“Blondes, take notice.

Tracey Cunningham, colorist to countless golden-haired stars, is spilling tips for achieving the most au courant color this season

Who doesn’t want to know the secrets behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s beautiful blonde? We don’t know anyone above that. The surprising truth is that while her honey-hued mane may seem to be a result of buttery color, the actress’s hair is not actually as pale as it seems. Says sought-after celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham (who’s also responsible for it), “We keep her really blonde, but add lowlights to keep it multidimensional. When your hair is all one color you never really see how light it is unless you have something darker next to it to make it pop. So she does actually have a lot of colors in her hair—the darker ones are underneath.” The co-owner of Beverly Hills’ new salon Mèche adds that other stars with similar blonde schemes are Cameron Diaz, Busy Philipps and Ali Larter.



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She isn’t just the talent behind these towheads—as a Redken creative consultant for color, Cunningham is responsible for foreseeing upcoming trends. And one of the biggest themes for spring is a honey-gold blonde a la Paltrow. It’s a delicate balance, she warns, between flat, bleached color and the multidimensional highlights used to achieve the stunning, sophisticated look. The latter, when in the wrong hands, can end up looking more “calico kitty. Honestly it has to do with the skin tone of the client—it should match you, not the trend.” And this look is also not for those who naturally have super dark hair. Cunningham’s of the mindset that ombré will never leave us, as it’s the ultimate way for brunettes to “go a little lighter without looking like Donatella Versace.”

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To accomplish a bold, Paltrow-like blonde punctuated with—of course—lots of shine, Cunningham uses a gloss all over the hair. Also, keeping up with the roots is vital, so if you’re not willing—or able, after all, it does come down to money—to get touchups every four weeks, it’s not the look for you. The look is best on blunt or long layered haircuts, not so much on cuts that have lots of short layers and are very choppy. Overall, says the guru of virtually all of Hollywood’s blondes (Diane Kruger, Amy Poehler and Anna Faris, to name just a few more), “This year I’ve noticed a trend of people going a lot lighter. I feel like people are just attracted to Gwyneth Paltrow’s blonde and her like they were attracted to Carolyn Bessette. It’s just so elegant.”


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