Newport Beach Summer Hair 2013 part 3


Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist shares information about Newport Beach Summer Hair

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“What are some subtle ways to incorporate a blonde look  without going platinum?

If you are naturally light brown or dark blonde, you can add  highlights to your crown and around your face. If you have layers, make sure  some of your mid-length pieces and ends fade into the highlights. The color  should be lightened into a pale, creamy shade.

How can we go platinum in a modern way?

Platinum can always look modern with the right haircut that  doesn’t make it look too gray. It should be creamy, pale, and sandy so that it  retains shine and reflects light. When hair is too ashy or gray, it absorbs  light.


How about tips for going golden blonde, honey blonde, and  dirty blonde?

These shades look beautiful when they look natural. Golden  blondes should be a true sunny golden color and never orange or brassy. Dirty  blonde doesn’t have to look “dirty.” Face-framing layers and the mid-length ones  as well should be lighter and sandier in color. Honey blonde should look like  honey and not look yellow.

[ Newport Beach Summer Hair ] If a client wants a shade like Miley Cyrus’s blonde hue,  what should she communicate to her colorist?

Bring pictures of Miley or of anyone who has color that you  love! Pictures are always a better way to communicate tone, as sometimes the  colorist and the client can have a different visual of what tone can mean.”
-repost, “Beauty Chat: Marie Robinson on Perfecting Platinum”

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