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As a professional in Newport Beach hair color and hair, a Newport Beach hair stylist, is excited to bring to you an article asking the dreaded, excited, yet sometimes difficult question, “Should you go blonde???”

1.  Figure out if you have the right skin tone. This is one of the best indicators if you will look good as a blonde. Cooler skin tones work best when it comes to going blonde however that doesn’t mean that just because you have a warm tone, you shouldn’t go blonde. The very tan, very blonde look is very popular. Skin color is only one of many factors.

  • If you have a warm skin tone, becoming blond might wash you out. Warm skin tones are golden brown, warm peach, pale or yellow (with freckles). Warm tones tan easily in the sun.
  • If you have a cool skin tone, becoming blond will likely compliment you. Cool skin tones are porcelain, rosy-beige, rosy-pink, dark olive, dark brown or ebony. Cool skin tones burn easily in the sun.


2.  Judge what your hair color now says about how you would look going blonde. It’s not a deciding factor in whether or not you should, but it will contribute to the idea of whether or not you would look natural if you end up going blonde.

  • In direct sunlight, you see glints of red, orange, gold or yellow in your natural hair color. This means that you wouldn’t transition to blonde in a natural looking way. However if the “bleach blonde” style is what you are looking for, you can disregard this tip.
  • In direct sunlight, you see glints of blue, purple or green in your natural hair color. This means that you would transition to blonde in a natural looking way.


3.  Use a quick trick by using your hair color as a child as a baseline. This follow the rule above. This is the best indicator if you could naturally be blonde.

  • If as a child, your hair was darker (red, dark red, brown, dark brown or black) then becoming blonde would look unnatural.
  • If as a child, your hair was lighter (light red, red, strawberry blonde, blonde, dirty blonde, light brown or brown) then becoming blonde could look natural.


4.  Determine the hair color maintenance level you are comfortable with. Keep in mind transitioning more than two shades lighter or darker will require a stronger effort to maintain. This will also require a professional or a professional quality dye-job which can be expensive. When your roots begin to grow out you will need to use the same professional or semi-professional process to do a touch up. If maintain is an issue, air on the side of caution and don’t go blonde.

  • You will need to change your make-up routine. Since going blonde will change the entire frame of your face, you might need to make some major swaps to keep from looking washed out. This may include your foundation, your eye shadows and your lipsticks.
  • You will need to pay for the maintenance visits. While a DIY at home might be the cheaper option, bleaching at home can create a hair horror that you won’t know how to deal with. You could easily fry your hair, turn it orange or lose all of its volume. To be safe, you will have to be able to afford to see a professional.
  • You will need to switch up your hair routine. This includes mostly your shampoo and your conditioner. It’s important to restore the moisture and strength back to your hair that lightening it striped it of. This also means that you will experience a texture change in your hair and might have to use additional products for shine and volume.”


– repost WikiHow, “How to Decide if Blonde Hair is Right For You?”

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