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Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist shares information on INOA Ammonia-Free Hair Color used in Newport Beach

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 INOA Hair color used in Newport Beach ,

is permanent hair color that does not use ammonia as a driver of energy.  Ammonia – Free hair color simply means there is a driver called MEA.  MEA  guides artificial color pigments in and out of the hair strand.  When INOA hair color begins to process on the hair it looks almost like olive oil.




Since a hair strand is a relatively delicate fabric (as is your skin and finger nails.)  I believe, along with many other colorists, it is best to use the least amount of ammonia on your hair for the best long term quality of your hair.  People are coloring their hair at younger ages and more often.  These are two amazing reason why colorists should even more now than ever before be concerned with the chemicals in the hair color being used on their head.


Often hair stylists will tell me that “It doesn’t matter!  If you’re client likes you, they will like whatever hair color you use on them!!”  My response to that ideal is then WHY WOULDN’T I use the quality of hair color I use on my own hair on my clients hair?  My clients trust me with making sure I’ve done my research on what is best for their hair.


I will tell you that most hair stylist do not like the price of INOA.  INOA is a more expensive color line.  I agree.  However, it is the color line I use on my fine, dry, abundant, brunette hair, so it’s my duty to use it on my clients.


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