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Newport Beach Hair Stylist and Color Specialist shares information about Orange County Summer Hair

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“As far as maintenance of a platinum shade, should we  eschew sulfates?

Sulfate-free formulas are better for the environment, but I  believe that most products that are not yellowing and don’t contain ingredients  such as chamomile, olive oil, or lemon will keep pale hair bright. If you have  golden tones in hair, then these ingredients are fine.

How can we avoid brassiness?

Stay out of the pool. Avoid hard water and don’t use  products that can build up on hair, such as those that are high in silicone.  Also, be careful if you get Keratin treatments. If you do them more than twice a  year, it can build up on the hair and cause discoloration.


What’s your platinum pet peeve?

That women who go for it don’t commit enough. It’s a  commitment for it to look good. For platinum color, touch-ups at four to six  weeks are ideal. Every two to three months is fine for those with  highlights.

Is it absolutely impossible to have long hair (without  extensions, of course) and have it be platinum?

Usually the ends will get too dry, although I do have  clients with very long platinum hair. Generally speaking, these women are  naturally blonde or light brown. When your hair is naturally lighter, you don’t  have to over-lift the hair color and compromise the condition to get it  platinum.

What are your go-to favorite products to style your own  platinum mane?

I love going to bed with it wet leaving in a little  conditioner like ColoristCure and waking up with the body the bleached hair  gives me. I look better with messy hair, so I like it a little “big” and  undone.”
-repost, “Beauty Chat: Marie Robinson on Perfecting Platinum”

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