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Newport Beach’s professional in hair color, haircuts, and hair trends, announces the shoulder length bob!!

“We’ve seen a number of top models in recent months chopping of their hair and stepping out with chin-length bob hairstyles, prompting us to agree that the bob should sit among the list of convertible (Newport Beach’s) 2013 hair trends. Of course, that’s not to say a bob is for everyone. Far from.

If you do want to brave a bob for the first time, or return to one this year, do consider that there are a few options in terms of length. One such option is a long bob, or shoulder-length bob.

Shoulder length hair: the bob alternative in 2013.

By definition a bob is short and relatively blunt, but as for the exact length – that’s open to interpretation. If you’re not game to go for an ultra-short flapper style bob, or even a chin-length one, then here’s another option for 2013: the shoulder length bob.

Taking the style of the bob but adding some extra length, a shoulder-length cut with blunt edges gives off a bob vibe without taking off too much length.

But how to style it?

Shoulder length bob without bangs

Any kind of bob is a statement in and of itself: crisp, clean, sophisticated… So even without the addition of any extras – like bangs – you can have a beautiful style that sits well when worn out.

If the hair sits just longer than the shoulders, one great style is to let it flick up a little at the ends.  A bit of body and bounce, and you’ve got a hint of retro flair seeping into your look.  A perfect example is style blogger Doina Ciobanu, who recently swapped to a shoulder-length bob that sits beautifully when side-swept and curled up gently at the ends.  To get this kind of perfect styling you can use either a round brush and blowdryer, or some hot rollers.

Long bob with bangs

You may have noticed plenty of models and celebrities are again returning to hairstyles with bangs.   A fringe / bangs is one great way of keeping a mid-length hairstyle interesting.   It could be a more wispy style, or even better, a set of thick, blunt bangs to match with your blunt-cut shoulder-length bob.”

-repost,, Tania Braukämper.


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